We are a group of riders that share in the passion of riding. We really don't care if you're not the owner of a piece of Kawasaki's finest machinery. You may own, have owned or may soon own a Kawasaki or, you may even ride another one of the many and varied brands out there. That is beside the point, as long as you are a motorcyclist, with or without a ride, you are more than welcome to become a part of our unique group.

You are also welcome to become a forum member, please use the Forum link on the left of our page. On the forum and at our meets, we will talk about anything, discuss anything but naturally the focus is on motorcycles and what we share in common, our passion and joy of riding motorcycles.

Auskawasakiriders are spread far and wide across Australia. This gives us a unique view as was to what is happening in the world of motorcycling in Australia. Having such a diverse spread of riders across our great land helps to keep the finger on the pulse, so to speak. It's also a great way of finding out where the best coffee, best pies and best roads are. A good way to see Australia too by have contacts in places you wouldn't have thought twice about visiting.

As one of the founding members I extend a warm invitation to you to join us and to have fun as this is really what all this is about. Enjoying the ride, the company and having fun whilst still alive!

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Our favourite saying:
Pictures or it never happened!


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